Monday, January 25, 2010

Tea flavored vodka drink

The T-Bag
I'm a rookie bar tender and a drinker so I experiment a lot and I came up with a few (((tall drink recipe's))) for tea flavord vodka's. Almost any twisted tea drinker will like this drink but they are very strong so watch it!!! I call it the Tea Bag... Yes you read rite. It gets a lot of laughs and attention. It comes in regular, rassberry, & peach.The recipe are.....

T-bag = tall glass full of ice, about 1-2 oz's of Carolina sweet tea vodka, about 1-2 0z's of jeremiah weed half & half liquor, fill the rest w/ twisted tea. I like to shake then garnish w/ a lemon wedge.

Raspberry T-bag = 1.5-2 oz's Carolina rassberry flavord tea vodka, 1.5-2 oz of chambord or rasmatazz. Fill the rest with twisted tea , shake and garnish w/ a lemon wedge.

Peach T- Bag = 1.5-2 oz Carolina peach flavord tea vodka or jeremiah weed peach flavord tea then .5-1 oz of peachtree ( carefull w/adding 2 much peachtree!!!) fill the rest w/ twisted tea, shake, & garnish with a lemon wedge.

These drinks can also be modified to be a bomb kind of drink. for instance poor 1shot of peach flavord vodka & drop into a 1/3rd a glass of twisted tea and down it...ect.

Use the measurements at your discretion. Make it how you like it but beware of over pooring the peachtree. It can ruin a drink very easily. Enjoy. There are also different flavored twisted tea's that you can experiment with. I have not had the chance to yet but I'm looking forward to it. Any suggestion feel free to contact me.